With me on your team, you’ll receive a focused, creative and supportive partner, someone to brainstorm ideas and strategies with and someone to manage (aka. do) all those tasks you’d rather remove from your plate.

Strategy plus implementation = that’s what I’m all about


What Can I Help You With?


Managing your calendar/schedule. 
Booking appointments and guest posts. 
Data entry and file management. 
Generating forms. 
Drafting letters/emails. 
Proofreading and research. 
Inbox Management. 
Processing payments or paying bills. 

Content Creation.
Basic Video. 
Animated gifs. 
PDF design. 
Digital and graphic design.


Social Media Management.
Visual content creation. 
Writing captions and hashtags.
Curating on-brand content. 
Engaging with your followers and responding to comments.
Scheduling posts. 
Influencer research. 
Monitoring social media analytics.

Events. Launches. Sales Support.
Booking traditional and digital advertising. 
Sales page set-up. 
FB group admin support. 
Collating RSVPs and responses. 
Inducting new clients or eCourse intakes.

Website and Blog Management.
Editing and posting content. 
Developing a content marketing strategy. 
Optimising content for basic SEO. 
eCommerce listing management. 
Managing comments and feedback. 
Installing plug-ins. 
Monitoring Google Analytics.

Email Marketing.
Setting up newsletter templates. 
Drafting and editing written content. 
Creating graphics. 
Sending out newsletters. 
Creating auto-responders. 
Monitoring email analytics.


What Can’t I Help You With? 


Copywriting. Or writing long-form content.
You may have noticed I didn’t mention much about written content above. If you’re a creative, coach or specialist, it's my personal opinion that you have a unique and intuitive voice that your audience connects with because it is yours. Not mine. Nor me pretending to be you. Other than employing a trained copywriter, I feel long-form written content (sales pages, eBooks, in-depth blog posts or email newsletter sequences) are best left to you. I can, however, write your social media captions and comments. Or any other short-form written content you need. And I'm here to proofread and edit anything you may need another set of eyes to look over.

Answering phone calls and managing face-to-face enquiries.  
I’m located in Newcastle, Australia, so it may be a tad difficult to provide you with in-person support… unless you’re also located in Newcastle. If you need assistance with an in-person event in Sydney or the Central Coast though, I can happily be available. I always enjoy going on adventures down the coast.

Anything that needed to be done yesterday! 
Or at 3 am in the morning. Eeek. I work best with structure and deadlines and/or a weekly or monthly plan.

Aggressive, forceful, fear of missing out type marketing. 
Nope. Nada. Sorry. That's not my style.



I work on hourly packages as detailed below.  These are your hours to be used how you choose within a 30 day period (1 month). Perhaps you only need assistance with managing your inbox. Maybe you need social media management and launch support. Is it a one-off project? Or on-going assistance for multiple months? Either way, I’m here to help and grateful you’re considering me.

I work with only a select number of clients at any given time to ensure my time for you is focused, energised and undisturbed. You’re not locked into a month to month contract if you only require short-term assistance, but as an existing client, you’ll have priority in my schedule if you’d like to book more hours with me. 

200 hours VA work $200 AUD

5 HOURS - $200 AUD

Client questionnaire

60 min strategy session

Email / Messenger support

5 hours on tasks

10 hours VA work $400 AUD

10 HOURS - $400 AUD

Client questionnaire

60 min strategy session

Email / Messenger support

10 hours on tasks



20 hours VA work $700 AUD save $100

20 HOURS - $700 AUD

Client questionnaire

60 min strategy session

Email / Messenger support

20 hours on tasks

SAVE $100

40 hours VA work $1,200 AUD

40 HOURS - $1,200 AUD

Client questionnaire

60 min strategy session

Email / Messenger support

40 hours on tasks

SAVE $400

Payment Terms & Conditions
Payment of a $100 deposit reserves your place in my schedule.
Payment terms are strictly seven (7) days from the date of invoice(s).
Fees and charges are in Australian dollars. 
Packages do not include GST. 
Hours are to be used within 30 days (1 month).

Have a small project that will take less than 5 hours to complete?
Do you have a short task that needs completing but you're not ready to book 5 hours with me? That's cool.
I'd still love to help you out.
My hourly rate is $50 AUD (1 hour minimum per project).
Feel free to get in touch.



So, how does this all work?


Step 1. Client Enquiry

Fill out the client enquiry form to let me know what you need regarding a virtual assistant. If I'm available and my skill set is suitable for your needs, I'll send through an email with a link to my calendar. You'll book in for a 15 min Skype chat, and we'll see if we’re a great fit.  

Step 2. Let's Lock This In

You're happy. I'm happy. We're going to create some magic together. You'll receive an invoice for the $100 deposit and a service agreement that is to be signed and returned to me. 

Step 3. Let the Magic Begin

Once all the formalities are out of the way, I'll send you a client questionnaire to give me a deeper understanding of what you need assistance with while we're working together.

I’ll email you a welcome pack which details bits and pieces like my office hours, the best ways to reach me, etc.

I'll also invite you to our joint Dropbox folder or Trello board which we'll use for project management (if required). And we'll get together again on Skype to go through your questionnaire answers to make sure we're both on the same page with what needs doing.

Step 4. A Wonderful Working Relationship

You're working on what you love. I'm happily working on what you've delegated to me. I'm tracking the time it takes to complete each task and updating you on the progress. We're openly communicating via email or Facebook Messenger.

Step 5. The End. Or Just the Beginning.

The day has come *sad face* I've completed the hours in your package. It's time to bid farewell to each other. Or even better, we lock in more hours working together. I’ll also kindly ask you for feedback, which is always appreciated.

Ready to Get Started?

Click below to fill out the client enquiry form.

Naomi is by far one of the most down to earth and easy going, yet professional people you will ever meet. Working with her is like having a business coach and a trustworthy girlfriend all in one person.
— Ashley D. (Naturopath-in-Training), Newcastle, Australia