Hi, I'm Naomi.

I live in Newcastle, Australia with my husband, who owns a brick and mortar retail store. I think in hindsight, life in micro and small business was my destiny.

I grew up the daughter of a sole-trader, married a small business owner and with his encouragement, started two businesses of my own. Through this website and my offerings, it's my mission to help other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses by supporting them as a virtual assistant... but hey, if you're a male, I won't say no to working together. 

I have over a decade of combined experience in small business marketing, communications and administration and five years running a product based online business.

Combining an interest in both strategy and implementation, I’m here to help you thrive and grow, and focus and flow.

A Little Bit More About Me...

I’ve never had a coffee in my whole life. There’s something about the smell that turns me off even drinking it. But I do love me a good herbal tea. And can drink multiple (and I mean, multiple!) cups a day. My husband jokes I have enough tea in our house to start my own herbal tea store. The dream!

In 2012, I turned a hobby making jewellery into a full-time income thanks to eBay and Etsy. I feel grateful to have achieved this and encourage everyone to start a side-project. I learned a lot of lessons, faced a number of challenges but achieved some incredible things.

Crystals have a special place in my heart. I don’t understand everything about their healing properties, but I owe the success of my first business to them - I sold crystal jewellery and crystal homewares - and find their uniqueness and qualities pretty magical. I’d say my favourites are rose quartz, amazonite and amethyst but honestly, I love them all.

My favourite smoothie is banana cacao. But I won't say no to a berry or green smoothie.

I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) and last year completed my Certificate in Content Marketing with ADMA. I also have a Diploma in Education (Secondary).

If the weather is nice on Sunday, you'll often find me with my husband at Bar Beach in Newcastle.

The first blog I ever made was a fan site for Nathan Fillion. It still exists (it hasn't been updated since 2006!) and it's pretty hilarious!

I believe if we show up with an attitude of gratitude, we’ll always be ok no matter what life throws at us.

If you think we’d make a great team and would like to work with me, please check out my packages and get in touch.
If you'd like to say hello, feel free to email me at or connect with me on social media.