You’d love to, and are ready to, expand your business.


You’re tired of all the non-productive parts of your day, where you’re busy doing things that you could delegate to someone else, if only there were someone else.


Hello. I'm Naomi… And I’m here to help you.

I help you gain back the time you want to focus on the things you love. 


By managing your digital and content marketing activities, handling those administrative tasks that are draining you and creating systems and structure, I'm here to support and help grow your business.


I'm here to: 

+ Implement (aka. do) those tasks that are keeping you from moving forward with the aspects of your business that you love.

+ Be your sounding board for brainstorming new marketing ideas or ways to streamline and automate tasks (so you have even more time for yourself).

How Can I Help You?

+ Content Marketing +

Whether it’s blogging or podcasting, you’re creating regular content. Your business is built upon it. But the formatting, the uploading, the sharing, all those tasks that go along with content creation, are getting in the way of your creativity.

+ Website MaNAGEMENT +

You’ve got pages that need updating, product listings that need creating, blog posts that need scheduling. Whether you use Wordpress or Squarespace, Shopify or Big Cartel, eBay or Etsy, I can help manage the space you call your digital home.

+ Email Marketing +

You have an email tribe, and you want to connect with them, but regular newsletters have fallen by the wayside. I can help create structure and schedules and get you back in the inboxes of those who love to hear from you.

+ Launch Support +

You’re on the verge of launching your next eCourse. Or planning your first workshop. You need an extra set of hands to help in the lead-up, and during, the moment you launch that big, beautiful creation out into the world.

+ Social Media +

Love it or hate it. You know you need it. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, I can manage the visual creating, the posting, the analysing, so you can focus on not being dragged into the time drain that can be social media.

+ Administration +

Ugh. You know what I’m talking about. The data entry, the inbox management, the paying of invoices. It’s all necessary parts of running a business. But you’re at the point where you no longer want to do it. I’m here, and ready to get it done.

Want to learn more about how I can help you?

Yes, please!

I first met Naomi as one of my television commercial clients many years ago. We became fast friends over a shared love of cupcakes and now I’m a client of hers. I honestly can’t recommend Naomi and her virtual marketing assistance enough. She has been such a great friend and encouragement to me throughout my professional development and her approachable, trustworthy and understanding nature is totally reflected in her work. Not only that, she is darn creative, organised, adaptable and very professional. In all the years I’ve known her she has been a proactive problem solver with a never say die attitude. Naomi will get to know you and your needs as a client and if you’re lucky she’ll also become a life long friend too!
— Kathy, F. (Film & Television Editor), Melbourne, Australia